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Example of how a Value Proposition is used to address the order-fulfillment market:






In order to protect its profitability and competitiveness, a Company needs to simplify its order fulfillment and management process that is focused on internet-acquired customers.  Company must lower the cost and time to process orders, while lowering its error rates and lost customers. Company needs to leverage its organization’s existing IT investments, utilizing state of the art technologies, while enabling efficiency and growth.


During the development, teams are formed mixing company and client personnel.


Company can expect up to a 15% reduction in annual costs giving it a cost and efficiency advantage in the order fulfillment market.









The order and fulfillment market is changing to the extent that companies must focus on internet-acquired customers.  Unless cost and time to process orders is shortened, while lowering error rates and lost customers,  business will increasingly be lost to competitors.  Companies must leverage their IT investments by utilizing state of the art technologies to enable efficiency and growth.






Company must demand a 15% reduction in operating costs to protect and grow its market share.


      Additional Examples of Selling a Value Proposition:



Example A:


Problem:   Computer service company  has had successful projects, but sales now have dried up.


Solution:  The computer service company’s case studies and personnel capabilities are reviewed.  Efficiencies in network layouts for clients are identified as the value proposition.


Network intensive companies, requiring efficient nets, are targeted, and are addressed with ads, seminars, webs and sales force, detailing your value proposition .


Result:   Computer service company’s sales increase.


Example B


Problem:  Software firm has the value proposition of lower costs from its applications delivery truck control.  Sales are slow.


Solution:  Financials for delivery companies are reviewed.  Costs can be lowered.  Business cases are projected and presented to  delivery CEO’s for software acquisition.



Result:  Software firm’s  software sales take off.



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